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Valentine’s Day has just passed and lot of us are still feeling all bumped out due to the past lovey-dovey holiday. We feel like it was the end of the world when couples walked past us in the streets, holding hand in hand being all romantic and all that. But being single is not all that bad. There are so many perks in being single. It’s not all tears and loneliness and hugging your pillow at night. Singlehood can also mean freedom and happiness.

How to be happy even if you’re single

If you find you’re self not part of an awesome twosome, then fear not. Being single is not the end of the world. If you are single you can do a lot of things that hitched people can’t actually do. Sometimes, having that much needed freedom makes a totally big difference in your life. Embracing your single status can really change your perspective and offer you that much needed happiness.

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So, how do you become happy even if you’re on the one sided street of life?

  1. Date yourself – Oh yeah this sounds totally weird and all but you should go and date yourself. This means giving yourself that much needed TLC. It is not as pathetic as it sounds. Go buy yourself some flowers just because you love the smell of roses. Indulge in a glass of wine or two just because you deserve it. Dating yourself means giving yourself a few extra perks in life that you would normally shower someone else. Go get dressed in that killer suit or red dress and sit in a lovely restaurant and just enjoy yourself.
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    Find beauty in everything – Some people who are single tend to feel lonely and see the world in monochromatic hues. You should stop pining and look at life through pink colored glasses. Take a walk and just enjoy the wonderful breeze. Go to the park and read a book. Stay up late all night watching all those DVDs you were planning to catch up to. Listen to N’Sync like you were in high school since you no longer need to censor your musical tastes for someone else.

Look at life and enjoy its beauty. There are so many things to be happy about. Adopt a pet, it might give you the company you really crave. Be totally immersed in experiencing life. Enjoy every breath you take. Life need not be boring even if you are single.

  1. Stop dieting – Stop totally trying to kill yourself for someone else to love you or like you. This may sound totally cliché but you must love yourself before you can let another person fall in love with you. Eat right. There is no need to pig out every single night to be happy. All you need to do is just to eat the right amount of food to be healthy. If you are healthy you will feel much much better. Stop eating salads only because you only want to fit into a size 2 dress.

This does not mean letting yourself go and getting all messed up looking and dirty, this means be happy in your own skin. Being happy with your everyday existence can really make a difference between single and desperate versus single and happy.

  1. Go out with friends – When you are with someone, you spend a considerable amount of time going out with them, living in with them and just being there for them. Sometimes, this affects your friendships because you spend way too much time with boyfie or girlfie. Your friends say you never see them anymore. And then you realize that you miss them; and that you miss yourself too.

Being single allows you to spend as much time with your peers. It can feel really fun just to spend time with them to chill, relax and just talk. Drinking a few beers with your buddies can really help you release that stress from your office; gossiping with your gal pals can make you all giddy and cheerful.

  1. Clean your space – A clean space gives a clean mind. Cleanliness is next to godliness and all that B.S. are all true. If you have a super clean space then you relax in your place more. Stop sleeping in those sweaty (slimy) sheets. Dust your furniture and maybe rearrange them. Clean your bathroom; it would be nice to go to a super spotless bathroom and deep into the bath.

Yeah you may say “What’s the point of cleaning my house if I am all alone here?” Well, that bit is for you! As a mature adult, you must be able to balance everything in your life and having a great smelling room can really mean the difference.

  1. Learn something new – Since you do have the time (and money?), start learning something new. Take cooking lessons; eating great food can really make you feel good (not to mention it would impress future would be dates). Learn a new language. This may help when you travel abroad (which costs much less than travelling with someone). Go and pick up your camera and get some photography knowledge in you.

Try doings things that you used to love to do when you were young. Blog, write and let out your thoughts. You can learn to blog if you don’t know how. Start going to art classes. Do something new; it gives you a legal high.

  1. Connect with your spirit – You are made of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we neglect our soul because we are too hell bent into the business of life. We forget to pray or meditate. Praying and meditation helps you center your psyche. It allows you to have equilibrium in this stressful world. We must not forget to nurture our hearts and souls.

Take some yoga lessons. Go for poetry readings. Read spiritual books and quotes. There is much available love and goodness in this world, harness it into your inner being. Love yourself, and that means loving your light. Let your light shine bright.

Being single is not a totally dreadful thing. It can be fun and liberating. Singlehood is not for the faint hearted, but with right mindset it is possible. Liberate yourself from the stereotype of people attach to singles. Singles are not lonely people, they are people who love themselves and are not afraid of what the world will say.

Hope that helps!

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