Does Age Matter In Love

skeletal-601213_640May-December affairs, love been a younger and older person; so does age matter in love? Love is love we have always heard that. Love comes in all forms shapes and sizes. On the other hand, our society still frowns upon people who have huge age gaps getting into a relationship. So does age really matter?

Love is Love

Love is love. We always hear this phrase. It does not actually mater who you are and where you come from when it comes to love. We naturally feel attraction to people who we can fit into the puzzle of our hearts.

Your age, your social status or your gender does not matter when it comes to true love. Although in building a relationship what you bring in is who you are, but honestly if the love is true age should not matter.

Morals and Our Society

Of course not everyone would agree with me. Some people see a huge age gap as a hindrance to happy and healthy relationship. There is the issue of experiences and maturity. There is a lot a adjustment and understanding that needs to be done in this type of relationship, but nothing that cannot be achieved.

Many people frown upon young people dating older people because of what it may translate to. There is the issue of gold-digging. There is also the issue of the older person preying on the younger one because he or she has more money to lure the other person in.

Many people would argue that we are not animals to just mate with anyone and be done with it. They say that we need to put many things into consideration before we date. A big factor is the social-economic status of each individual which is normally in question with age disparity.

Of course we understand the case of frowning upon an age gap when one member of the couple is a minor, because this is not acceptable. On the other hand, there is always the case that they argue about immaturity.

Monetary usury has always been a big issue. One person is wlling to give money while the other person takes advantage of an older person or vice versa.

Love Wins

But not all horrible horrors about May-December affairs are true. There is real and true love. If people just see those who use such relationships to make personal gains then they are blinded and are not able to see true love. Some people are old souls despite being young and most old people are just young souls in an older body who have more experiences than others.

A lot of times people put other people in boxes. They label people and they feel mortified when a person goes out of this box. But we are humans with free spirits and we cannot be boxed. We choose our own genders, dreams and whoever we will love. Let love win. Age does not matter!