Cyber Monday, Black Friday and My Addiction To Online Shopping


I am a writer. I work at home while wearing my pajamas. I sit in front of the computer and sip coffee all day. I am a hopeless romantic. I love long walks on the beach. But I’m not all good. I do eat chocolates for breakfast and I do SHOP ONLINE, A LOT!

I have been a writer since I can remember, but I also have been into clothes since I was young. But I don’t really like to spend my hard earned money on high brand items. Getting discounts and finding sales make me feel happy.

Yes I’m addicted to online shopping.

Tips for Online Shopping

I write to help people. I write to make the lives of others better. I write articles online here and there to give tips and how to’s. I write children’s books on the side to make kids smile. Because of that, this article won’t be complete without me putting out some sort of a list to help you find the best deals online.

1. Sign up to deals – If you sign up to sites that offer deals you can get vacations, clothes, shoes for much less. I have gone to a beautiful island in Thailand by getting a deal online.

2. Find online vouchers – Same as above, if you google promo codes and apply them before you check out, you can save lots of money.

3. Shop at end of season sales – Most people want to be updated with fashion and buy their clothes when the season begins. But these stuff are much more expensive. If you shop for versatile and classic clothes, even if you buy them in the end of the season you can still use them further on.

4. Shop during massive sales – Okay okay, this was coming. I love big sales. I love summer sales, Christmas sales and most specially BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY, particularly in the UK these days because you get such great deals. I got my big TV on Black Friday and a truck load of clothes from Cyber Monday deals.

What is Cyber Monday and Black Friday?


Okay, I know you probably know what these dates are but for those who don’t and for the purpose of dishing out what my writer brain wants to put down, I’ll define Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Well, these are only the two greatest shopping days EVER.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Since 1932, it has been the greatest shopping day in the US. In the UK, it is the mark of the start of parties and Christmas cheer and hence, the UK police called it Black Friday due to the number of causalities they got because this is the last Friday before December. Many people start drinking and partying on this Friday and hence accidents come ergo the name Black Friday. In Mexico, they celebrate Black Friday towards the Good Week near Monday of the Mexican Revolution.

You can expect as much 89% discount on electronics, gadgets, appliances, clothes and even groceries on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is the extension of Black Friday. It is a day where people got back from feasting during the Thanksgiving weekend and shopped online in their offices. It became an official term in 2005 when Ellen Davis used the term “Cyber Monday” on their financial magazine.

Cyber Monday has exclusive deals that may not be available in-store. It only lasts for a day, unlike Black Friday that may extend to Saturday and Sunday.

I love these dates because I don’t want to spend too much. I have so many fond memories of Cyber Monday and Black Friday over the years.

Why I Love Shopping Holidays?

I’m sure you picture writers as flannel clad, wearing glasses and have coffee stains on our shirts and pants (if we remember to put them on) but we also do like to look good do. We are just like anyone and we also want to shop!

I remember my first Black Friday sale when I was a kid. My mom brought me along. I was 10. I had a knack for helping my mom out and I also liked shopping. There were so many people! I even saw people camping outside the store!

We were not rich back then. I think we were even poor. My mom could not really buy us clothes for the rest of the year and she really hunted for bargains. Black Friday was her day to give us what we needed. My mom was (and still is) the best bargain hunter I know.

My mom always, always brought me to Black Friday, Christmas sales, flee markets and all sorts of places to get a good deal. When I was in highschool, the internet became a boom. So she started browsing discounts online. She did prefer shopping in-store though. But as she became older, she preferred shopping online at times.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals That I Got

Well, I do prefer shopping online because of the free delivery I usually get from Amazon for my books and stuff, but in store shopping is always fun.

Black Friday Stuff:

1. 40” TV

2. PlayStation

3. Loads of cat food

4. Shoes

5. Plates

6. My super comfy mattress

Cyber Monday Finds:

1. Pricey Make-up that I got for 80% off

2. Clothes, clothes, clothes

3. Digital Camera

4. Supplements and vitamins

5. Coffee beans

6. Shoes

7. Swimwear

8. The list goes on!

I’m a Shapaholic

I confess to being a shapaholic, but I’m a thrifty one. I don’t spend too much. So here I am writing my heart out about shopping and shopping holidays. I hope you enjoyed my musings.