How to Write Well?

Writing is a passion. It comes from the heart of a writer who wishes to tell a story, to teach others and to share some thoughts and information. But at times writing can be difficult too. It can be a tideous process. Sometimes, even the best writers get scared and afraid to write.

There are so many reasons why a person can’t write. One common reason is writer’s block. It is when your brain feels so dry it can beat the Sahara dessert. You can’t put anything down into words. You stare into your computer or typewriter aimlessly as time dwindles by.

Tips on How To Write Well

Writing well means practicing your craft. It means making time to write and read and hone your skills in writing. Good writing needs dedication and imagination.

How do you write well? Well it depends. It depends on what you are writing and how passionate you are in what you do.

1. Read more – A writer who does not read is not a writer. If you only write what you think and never listen to or read other people’s work, then you are bound to write stale and repetitive things. You need to read in order for you to appreciate the beauty of the written word. It is essential to read because it expands your views and opinions. It allows you to learn different techniques and approaches to writing, but most of all reading can inspire you.

2. Write the way you speak – Writing can be difficult at times, but if you write from your heart then you are bound to write the way you speak. Write as you would talk. Write as you would sound. If you write this way you are bound to write well.

3. Stop browsing social media – I know social media can be a great way to gather ideas for content, but it is also a good way to KILL TIME. And with that, you can mindlessly sit there scrolling up and up but the page never ends.

Focus on your work. Even if you feel you can’t write anything anymore, try to be still. Try to write.

4. Allow you mind to wander – Give you brain a much needed stroll. You need to let your imagination flow. You need time to think and relax. You can never put out good content if you never let your brain have some time to relax and soak in its creative juices. You need to sleep too. You need that me time.

5. Find inspiration from the things around you – Talk to people, read books, go to cafes, raid old bookstores, eat icecream at the park, play with dogs and cats and go to museums. Find something that you can draw inspiration from. You need to see the world to tell a story, create a poem and write an article.

6. Let your writing breathe – Don’t be overly critical with your work. Once you’ve written something, let it breathe. Don’t murder it up and butcher it with your own critisizms. You need to let your writing relax and live. Give it a few hours. Then go back to it. Take a deep breath and reread it.

7. Respect the writing process – Good writing requires time, devotion and patience. If you never devote time to it, you can never be a good writer. You need to practice. You need to drink that coffe and sit down in front of your computer and WRITE SOMETHING. Yes, you will do odd things just to put something down. Yes thee will be days that you will stink from not showering, but you have to give it your all if you really want to create an artistic piece of writing.

The Dreaded Writer’s Block

All writer experience it. All writers get fogged up at times. We need inspiration. We need hot coffee and a good cry and tantrum here and there. But we can over come a writers block. Write jibberish if you must, but DO WRITE SOMETHING.