Online Dating – good or not?

Most people get mixed emotions when it comes to online dating. They ask questions, like “How different is it from face-to-face dating?” or “Is it really better than normal dating?”

online dating


The More, the Merrier?

Easy access is the no. 1 strength of online dating. Nowadays, if you do not have a social media account, it’s either because you slept under a rock for a long time or you’re just not a believer. Either way, you are missing out on the fun of easily finding online dating partners online and maybe even finding love.

The disadvantage of this easy access to potential dates is of course, information overload. With so much choice you might feel confused and a bit overwhelmed. Simply put, with so much goodies on your plate, you just can’t decide which to try first!  If you get really mixed up you could try a psychic like my friend linda did (and so many of the celebrities that we see a lot of are known to contact psychics and mediums for advice!).  She has used Kasamba and Psychic source.  She wasn’t very keen on kasamba (formerlly liveperson) but she did really like psychic source for many of the reasons that you see here in this psychic source review.

Online Matches

Personality and love tests abound in online dating websites. They offer online matches which will suit your own preferences. These personality and love tests often use the personal information the sites have on their registered users and utilize “scientific” or “logical” approaches to make their online dating matches.

The clear problem with online dating matches is dating requires both the heart and mind of the person involved which means, dating is not just a science, it is also an art. Whoever said that “opposites attract” had the same idea. Interesting does have an opposites attract kind of match as I found out from this post which was a review of

In my last post I discussed dating sites such as  Others of note include eharmony, plenty of fish, ok cupid and so on.  Eharmony is more like a traditional matchmaking site but it is still a computer algorithm that works it all out for you, and you must have a lot of patience to do the questionaire, but if you don’t mind spending a few hours thinking about yourself and what you want then it is worth it.

There’s also lots of niche dating sites you can look into such as those for people with particular tastes, likes and festishes.

Online Dating Communication

Online dating websites also offer prospective partners the chance to get to know each other better through the internet by chatting, VOIP, webcams and mobiles. This helps potential couples to decide whether they indeed have that certain “magic” or “spark” to go to the next level.

The rule here is to never judge a book by its cover. Of course, most people who will use online dating will always make themselves look as good as possible. So don’t be just gullible and blindly believe everything you read, better exercise a bit of caution instead!

A Few Online Dating Tips

A recent new study by the Department of Communication, Michigan State University, which came out at The Huffington Post showed that couples who met through online dating may be more likely to break up than those using the traditional face-to-face dating.

With these in mind, one may take into consideration that online dating, while promising more exciting stuff for you date-wise, must be dealt with more maturely and with more caution. Keep in mind that all computers run on programs created by human beings, so do not just be gullible and swallow the whole idea that online dating websites have scientifically or logically chosen your perfect online dating partner.

Finally, you may want to step back a little from all the technology that is available out there today and concentrate on what’s best to get the date you’ve always wanted. Ask that person out personally. This will beat any online dating website anytime hands down!