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Do Signs Matter When It Comes To Love?

Heart, Stars, Love and SignsMany say that true love is written in the stars, but is this real? Can the stars and astrology actually predict romantic compatibility? Many people are split on this love debate, but if you look close and keep an open mind, you will see that astrology has a huge connection with romantic compatibility. Giving astrology a try might lead you to your true love. Why not learn more about astrology and how it works to help you find romantic compatibility?

Answers To The Unknown

There are many things in life that we do not fully understand or comprehend. Love is one of the major questions, because so many different things factor into love. Chemistry, attraction, similarities and so many other factors combine to reveal a soul mate. Looking to astrology for answers on love compatibility can be a great guiding force and give you some direction. You can choose to take astrology as seriously as you desire and allow it to be an important relationship factor.

What Is it?

Astrology can be quite difficult to explain, but it involves making connections that are based roughly around astronomical effects. Zodiac signs and horoscopes are the most popular and often types of astrology. They are designed to give you relationship insight and allow you to get answers to the questions that matter most. Astrology is based around the understanding of a complex astrology chart.

What Does It Have To Do With Love?

Astrology can be used as a guide when it comes to relationships and eth people that you choose to date. Astrology revolves around the understanding that every person is born with an astrological sign that dictates parts of their personality and their love preferences. Some astrological signs are simply more compatible with one sign than others. You have the ability to use astrology to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner. You can use astrology signs and charts to determine how likely you are to fall in love with someone and the type of love match that is most beneficial to you.

You can use the astrological information that you discover to build a relationship that has more chemistry and understanding. You do not have to agree with everything that your astrological sign is associated with, but you can use this information as a sort of guide. Love is complicated and astrology can help to shed light on some areas. If you need a little help in love, you can always turn to star signs and astrology for romantic compatibility information. Now you can have realistic expectations for your relationship from the very beginning based on your astrological compatibility. Will you have passion or a deeper intellectual bond?

What Is An Astrological Chart?

There are many different ways to learn more about your astrological sign and your romantic compatibilities. However, an astrological chart is one of the most complex. This type of chart allows you to locate planets that exist within your sun sign. Reading your horoscope is much simplified and will give you some insight into how to approach any current issues in your love life.

No One Right Way

There is no one right way when it comes to astrology interpretation. You will not get some huge sign of who to fall in love with, but you will get access to meaningful advice to guide you along your way to finding your true love match. Love is never easy and astrology is a way to make romantic compatibility simplified. You will get a better idea of who is the right match for you.

Love Predicted


There are few things in life that bring more joy and happiness than love. We are always looking to fill our world with meaningful relationships that add something to our life. When you are looking for your true love, it can be an overwhelming experience. Not knowing exactly what you are looking for can make it seem like you will never find true happiness. Sometimes a love psychic can help to calm your nerves and predict your romance before it even happens. You might be a skeptic when it comes to psychics and predictions, but the story of Callie may change your mind.

Why Not Give It A Shot?

Callie had spent her entire 20’s working toward her career goals. She had always had an interest in medicine and healing that led to her pursuing a career in medicine. Becoming a doctor took almost all of her time and a social life was sacrificed as a result. However, Callie still wanted to get married and have a family someday. She simply didn’t know when that time would come and how she would meet her eventual Prince Charming. Her friends always urged her to get into the dating scene, but she felt too uncomfortable to go on blind dates or meet guys at the local bar. Callie was quickly beginning to doubt if love was really in her future. She had always been interested in tarot readings and fortune telling, so she finally decided to give it a shot. What did she have to lose?

How Do You Know?

Callie was understandably nervous when she met with Maurine, she had done her research and found one of the best psychic readings she could from a trusted psychic.. Maurine was an experienced psychic that had a large following. When Callie arrived for her reading, she was quickly taken aback by the expression and shock on Maurine’s face. It was like Maurine had known of her in some way. As they began to talk, Maurine told Callie that love was indeed in her future. She said that the man Callie was looking for simply was not ready for her yet. She advised that Callie keep on her path toward career success and that love would find her. Callie had many questions involving when and where, but Maurine said that the specifics were not important. Callie would have her Prince Charming and family, but she would have to be patient as her true love found her.

Destiny and Chills

Callie was little disappointed in her fortune reading and thought that it really offered no insight. How did Maurine know that her love would find her? Callie decided that maybe she should start dating and take her romantic life in her own hands. However, her schedule at the hospital picked up and pretty soon she was solely focused on work again. That is until the new resident doctor arrived at her hospital and a spark was immediate. He had been working on his residency at another hospital and transferred to be closer to his parents. Single and looking for love, Callie immediately thought of what Maurine had predicted. Could her true love have finally found her?

The spark between the two of them was immediate and their romance only grew with time. They both shared a passion for helping others and understood how much dedication it takes to be a doctor. Callie had finally found the man that she could build her life with and he felt the same way. Twenty years later, Callie still finds herself going back to the day that she met Maurine. She really did predict the love story that changed Callie’s life forever and brought her immense joy.

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Online Dating – good or not?

Most people get mixed emotions when it comes to online dating. They ask questions, like “How different is it from face-to-face dating?” or “Is it really better than normal dating?”

online dating


The More, the Merrier?

Easy access is the no. 1 strength of online dating. Nowadays, if you do not have a social media account, it’s either because you slept under a rock for a long time or you’re just not a believer. Either way, you are missing out on the fun of easily finding online dating partners online and maybe even finding love.

The disadvantage of this easy access to potential dates is of course, information overload. With so much choice you might feel confused and a bit overwhelmed. Simply put, with so much goodies on your plate, you just can’t decide which to try first!  If you get really mixed up you could try a psychic like my friend linda did (and so many of the celebrities that we see a lot of are known to contact psychics and mediums for advice!).  She has used Kasamba and Psychic source.  She wasn’t very keen on kasamba (formerlly liveperson) but she did really like psychic source for many of the reasons that you see here in this psychic source review.

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Most Shocking Celebrity Splits

Celebrities might be normal human beings like you and me, but their relationships play out in the public eye and many people feel like they are a part of the fairytale romance.  This can be a lot of pressure for any celebrity, which makes splits more difficult and heartbreaking to deal with. Celebrities look like they have it all, but many have not found their one true love that lasts. When celebrities breakup, it can be a shock and make real love seem less possible. Here are some of the most shocking celebrity breakups that had women all over reevaluating their ability to find prince charming. Celebrities really have a lot of pressure, when it comes to love and relationships.

Jen and Brad

When you begin talking about shocking celebrity breakups, none compare to the fairytale and demise that was the relationship of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. He was the movie star with shockingly good looks and she was the gorgeous sweetheart that had America wrapped around her finger. It seemed like a match made in heaven to the outsiders and this is what caused such dismay after their union resolved. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the genetically blessed children that Jen and Brad would have. What made this breakup even juicer was the widespread speculation that ran rampant. Jen and Brad decided to remain mum on the intimate details of their split, but the presence of Angeline Jolie was undeniable. Celebrity splits are always tabloid fodder, but when 3 A-list movie stars are involved in a celebrity spit, the media coverage goes into overdrive.

Even though the spilt of Brad and Jen took place almost a decade ago, there are still many unanswered questions that exist. No one will ever truly know what went wrong between Brad and Jen, but now we have the love affair of Pitt and Angelina Jolie to keep our interest and keep us jealous of their joy.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Some celebrity splits are shocking, but others seem more inevitable. The end of the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was not what made everyone gasp, it was the length of their union that made jaws drop. Kardashian filed for divorce after just 72 days of marriage and made many people question whether her marriage was simply for show. Kardashian had an over-the-top wedding that was televised and lined her pockets, but she didn’t even stay married for 3 months.

Most people are not that crazy about Kim Kardashian in the first place and her disregard for the sanctity of marriage only increased her unpopularity with many. When it comes to love advice, Kardashian is not a great example, but she might have finally met her match with Kanye West. Maybe their upcoming nuptials will actually lead to a full year of wedded bliss. For the celebs it seems easy to meet a celeb partner, but it doesn’t always last.  For normal people like us we have to find our dates more conventionally, but thanks to the internet it can be easier now as I found out when trying dating site match.  I guess you won’t see the likes of Kanye on there but you might find your own more normal hottie, find out more with this review of match.com.

Katie and Cruise

Their love seemed a little outrageous and fast, but Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise really did seem to make a great pair. After jumping on Oprah’s couch and declaring his love for Holmes, Cruise had a teen-like infatuation with his new love match. After marriage and a baby, the love between Holmes and Cruise faded over time. The real details of their split never truly emerged, but many theories exist. From his controlling Scientology beliefs to her longing for freedom and normalcy. Cruise and Holmes are still huge stars, but their romance is no longer at the forefront of pop culture

The one thing you can count on when it comes to celebrities are amazing love affairs and shocking splits that keep you guessing.

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